Reinventing the vaporizer

With recreational legalization in nine states and medical legalization in 30, the cannabis market is rapidly evolving. Whether for medical, health and wellness, or recreational use, consumers are integrating cannabis more positively into their lives.

Vaping cannabis flower is an effective way to maximize the benefits of the plant. Unfortunately, herbal vaporizers can be expensive, complicated, and a hassle to clean. Current owners abandon the method. Consumers new to vaping are often too intimated to give it a try.

The Prrl eliminates barriers for existing and new users. It is intuitive to use, gives users better control over their vaping experience, and delivers the complete spectrum of taste and benefits without the hassle, expense, or ash.

The Prrl is the first product of Portland-based start-up Prrl Labs, LLC. Our team brings expertise in emerging technologies, engineering, design, education, and economics. We are building a company that generates a healthy profit, contributes to the betterment of the human condition, and is rooted in truth, integrity, and beauty.


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