On/Off: Press the power button 3 times, rapidly.
Set your power: Use the down/up buttons at the bottom of the display. Start with 28 watts. Adjust to suit your preferred style.
Prepare the pipe: Fill the bowl of the pipe with ground herb. Tamp lightly. Keep rim of bowl free of material.
Preheat: If quartz chimney is cold, double-click the power button for an automatic 30-second preheat cycle. You should only need to do this step at the beginning of a session or when there has been a pause in action.

Do not overheat!

Seal: Seat the quartz chimney in the groove around the rim of the bowl so that there are no air gaps.
Glow-n-Go: Hold the power button down and inhale slow and easy as if breathing in a bouquet of flowers.
Stir: Use the BudTender tool every 2-3 pulls to stir and re-tamp the herb. Stir around the edges, not the middle, so that the screen doesn’t get deformed. This will ensure that you get the most out of your herb.


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