The Ember

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Simple. Natural. Delicious.
The Ember gives you complete control over your herbal experience. Shop

The Ember and pipe

Designed for flower lovers

Our revolutionary technology replaces the lighter, giving you all the flavor and essence of the flower with none of the harshness of smoking.

Simple, elegant, and decidedly contemporary, The Ember offers a refined experience with superior taste and control. It’s fast and clean…without any fussy apps to deal with.

Embrace simplicity

Today’s devices can be overly complicated, confusing to use, and hard to clean. With The Ember, all you have to do is:

— 1 —

Set the power.

— 2 —

Seal the Ember
over your pipe.

— 3 —

Inhale, using your breath to control the vapor.

Taste the flower

Elevate your herbal experience with technology that puts the full power of the flower in your hands. Enjoy custom-blended herbs and flowers that deliver superior taste and benefits.

The Ember delivers heated air to the bowl of your pipe, bringing out the fullest, cleanest experience.


Enjoy the benefits

The Ember provides is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. You decide every aspect of your experience—what you want and how much of it. You inhale only the beneficial compounds, free from harmful substances like ash and smoke. You get all the control without having to worry when the effects will kick in.

“I invented The Ember because I didn’t want to smoke and I wanted a simple, pure, and effective way to enjoy high-quality herb.”

— Mark Lewis, Founder




Headquartered in Portland, OR